HEAT TREATMENT is one of the crucial processes to ensure high performance of bearing materials. Compared with other manufacturers, we can produce bainite and martensite parts of bearings at lower cost, with a more flexible and controllable production schedule, and in a shorter time.

We have 6 heat treatment production lines. Bearings parts are heated uniformly, with small deformation and little/no oxidized decarburization, which can make them have high hardness, high fatigue resistance, good wear resistance, dimensional stability, and excellent mechanical strength.

The adjustment of temperature and time of our heat treatment process, can be completed in a short time, and can be adjusted flexibly and quickly according to the different types and batches of bearings.


We use advanced CNC turning, grinding, and superfinishing machines to ensure high, stable, and accurate machining.  All of your goods, from the most economical category, to the highest rated category, will always be manufactured precisely to the standards you require.
Precision and consistency of quality can be ensured!


All our products are characterized by low noise, low friction and long life. This is due to our attention to the roundness, waviness and surface roughness of bearing raceway.

As you can see from the quality inspection vedios below, the roundness, roughness, vibration velocity and vibration noise of our products are fully meets the requirements of national and international standards.

With us your business and your reputation are treated with care and respect.